Club Woodlake

General Club Rules
  • NO GLASS BOTTLES or containers are allowed on Club premises.
  • Children are not allowed in the Club Room unless an adult supervises them.
  • The minimum age for a child to be left at the Club unattended is 13 years.
  • Club Access: Access to the club is only granted during normal operating hours.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to instruct their children not to enter Club premises or bring in guests during non-operating hours and to ensure their children are familiar with and understand all Club Rules.
  • Please remind your children not to congregate around the Club Room when there is a Rental
  • Park bikes in the rack, not at the front gate or in the breezeway.
  • Dispose of trash, pick up all belongings, and straighten furniture before leaving.
  • The baby pool is for the use of children age 6 and under.
  • No one under 21 is allowed to smoke on Club premises, including the parking lot and surrounding yard area.
  • All members and guests must sign-in upon entering the club AT ALL TIMES.